Return regulations

Returns Policy

Returns and cancellation of orders

Cancellations, changes and refunds policy
Below is a breakdown of the policy for canceling the order and/or returning products and their conditions:

Cancellation of the purchase transaction within one hour of completing the order of the items on the website and provided that the item has not been shipped to the customer - will be done through an email message to the customer service as stated. The user will be credited with the purchase amount including shipping fees, minus 5% of the purchase value or a total of NIS 100 - whichever is lower, for the transaction.
If a customer wants to cancel the purchase and the customer has not contacted us and the shipment has already left our warehouse, the customer will have to wait until the package arrives at his home and perform a credit process according to
Consumer Protection Law in Israel.

In the event of cancellation of the purchase transaction for any reason after the product has been sent to the user, provided that its packaging has not been opened, he will be entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days of receiving the item by returning the product to our warehouse address abroad! The cancellation will involve payment of shipping fees of The package is on the customer's account at a cost of 30 NIS. + a deduction of 5% clearing fee, the shipping fee will be offset from the value of the transaction. Our shipping fee to the customer (even if less was paid due to such and such benefits) is NIS 30 and cannot be credited. In addition, the return of the product will be made by the customer by registered mail and at his own expense.

As mentioned, the credit or credit for use (as the case may be) will be given on the condition that the supplied product is returned without use and/or defect and/or damage - and with the labels on it as received. If the product was returned other than as stated in this section, the user will not be entitled to any credit (neither monetary credit nor credit voucher)
The returnable product can be returned in accordance with these regulations and according to the law - as long as it has not been used in one way or another, in its original packaging - within 14 days of receiving it. The website operator will have the sole and absolute discretion regarding the condition of the returned goods. Items and products that arrive after any use and/or signs of use cannot be returned and the user will not be entitled to the purchase amount - everything is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of the website operators.
It is clarified and emphasized that items purchased as part of promotions, coupon codes and/or end of season can be returned/exchanged within 48 hours of receiving them, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.
Voucher - "Credit" for purchases on the online site will be given for a period of two years from the day the product is returned.
It should be noted and emphasized: every refund/credit requires and obligates the presentation of the purchase invoice.
For any questions related to inquiries, exchanges, returns, etc., please contact the customer service department of "VICE VƎRSA©" as detailed below.
The customer must check that the product is to his satisfaction before making the purchase. The warranty is for defects resulting from a failure or defect in the production process only). No liability will be given for damages resulting from the use of the product and/or natural wear and/or wear and/or improper or unreasonable use and/or caused maliciously.